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AYSO Region 1174 NoMad Soccer Club


If your player drops from our program, you may be eligible for a refund of Regional Fees. Please read
through the following information carefully.
1. A Drop and Refund Request form must be completed if you wish to make a refund request. The form
is online on our website or please contact our Regional Commissioner or
Regional Registrar for assistance with the process.

2. The Regional Commissioner authorizes the Regional Registrar and Regional Treasurer to execute the
Drop and Refund Requests as described within this document.

3. ONLY the Regional Commissioner can authorize exceptions to these rules. No Coach, Team Parent or
any other Board Member can authorize a refund or specify a refund amount. Exceptions to this policy
would only be considered for extenuating circumstances and handled by the Regional Commissioner on
a case by case basis.

4. The Region is unable to Refund the AYSO National Membership Fee or the Sports Connect Processing
Fee. Any Refund Requested from the Region will be for the Regional Fees only.

5. All Refunds will be reduced by a $10 per/player Regional Administrative/Cancellation Fee.

6. If a family was granted financial aid for one or more players, any refund granted would only be for the
amount paid for the dropped player or players in question. Registration fees and/or financial aid is not
transferable between players for the purposes of refund requests.

7. Refunds will beapplied back to the Card used for registration, whenever possible. If that is not
possible, then a physical check will be produced and sent via mail to the address provided in the
request. If the check is reported lost or destroyed, a replacement check can be requested but will be
reduced by the fees incurred by the Region to cancel/replace the check.

8. Refunds requested BEFORE 11:59 PM on August 1st (Fall) or March 1st (Spring) will be granted a Full
Regional Refund, minus the previously mentioned fees

9. Refunds requested AFTER August 1st (Fall) or March 1st (Spring) will be handled on a case-by-case
         Consideration will be given:
               to the date of the request
               team formation status
               the ability to fill the empty spot from a waitlist if one exists
               the ability to form teams.

         The Refund amount may also be reduced if the Region is unable to recover per-player expenses already spent.
         Refunds will not be granted due to team assignment, coach assignment, or any other item related to the following of AYSO philosophies regarding balanced teams, open registration, or everyone plays.

10. No refunds will be granted following the first match weekend of the season.

Chargeback Fee Recovery Policy

1. The Regional Refund Request Policy is to be the sole method used to cancel registration and
request a refund. If the registrant circumvents the Regional Refund Request Policy by initiating a
dispute with their bank, the region will challenge the chargeback request per the terms of the
Regional Refund Policy.

2. The Region is currently charged $35 per dispute, regardless of the outcome of the dispute.

3. The chargeback dispute fee, whatever current value, will be charged to the registrant prior to
being allowed to register any players for the current or upcoming season(s). The fee will be
applied as a fee on the current registration. Payable through the registration site.

4. If the registrant refuses payback of the dispute fee within 15 days of notification, then their
players will be cancelled and any payments refunded, in accordance with the Regional Refund

5. ONLY the Regional Commissioner can authorize exceptions of rules. No Coach, Team Parent or
any other Board Member can authorize a waiver of this fee

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